CFO 2019 : Thriving in a period of uncertainty after 29.3.19


Where: Charlotte Street Hotel
When: 2oth November 2018, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

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On the 20th November the Alchemy Club will come together for our second roundtable session of 2018. The Club meets regularly to discuss major challenges to decision-makers across the finance & procurement function

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The Discussion

As the CFO of a large-scale UK company, you are about to play a pivotal role in the success of your organisation. As the Brexit divorce unfolds, navigating this exceptional period of uncertainty will be incredibly tricky.


The 21-month separation process will be characterised by volatility impacting trading countries, exchange rates, interest rates and supply chain. Nearly 75% of CFOs have taken a conservative policy [Deloitte 2018]. Does this leave the door open for savvy CFOs? Afterall, fortune favours the quick and the brave.


“UK corporates are running more defensive balance sheet strategies than at any time since late 2012, during the euro crisis.” Ian Stewart, chief economist at Deloitte.


Let’s put bravery to one side and focus on speed; specifically, the speed to react and adapt. Some activities will not (cannot) cease to take place. As you switch trade to new regions, new suppliers even the simplest task could become troublesome.


Things we thought were in the past (like paper invoices) will likely trip up your systems as new partners come into play. Agility in these areas will certainly be a major differentiator between you and your competitors. Do you have the people, the process and the technology in place to respond quickly as Brexit plays out?


On 20th November we’re meeting at the Charlotte Street Hotel in Central London to discuss how the CFOs of large-scale businesses are preparing their businesses, their departments and their teams for the Brexit process and planning to manage the changing seas of the exit process. In particular, we will be asking one primary question:


What opportunities exist for CFOs to turn Brexit into an opportunity, and tip the scales in their favour?

Where and When?

20th November


6:30pm Networking Drinks

7:00pm Host Introduction

7:20pm Chaired Debate

8:00pm 3-Course Dinner

9:00pm Drinks and Networking

9:30pm Carriages

If you’re interested in hearing what your counterparts at other organisations are currently prioritising, join us. 

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